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This site is about using Norwegian Krone NOK currency relation to EUR and USD, to invest in global trends. Currency are cascading valuable information about economic cycles and the Norwegian Krone is in a special situation, reflecting commodities and emerging markets. Our objective is a safe investment gaining 5-10 percent in a 3 month period. By using the Business Cycle Clock and Analyzer Tool we want to get an idea for a good investment. To put the idea into action we only want to use Exchange Trade Fund ETF.

 BCC Business Cycle Clock

BCC Usage : Private Consume is the simplest attribute to use in the BCC country comparison. Set country1 = EU27, Country2= US, Country 3 = Norway; Set graph tab =All ;and Play last year.   

From the BCC you should be able to do a good estimate on trends and use this into the analyzer below:   

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